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On Wed, 1 May 1996 wrote:

> 1)  Where can I get the MOOServer for Windows95?

A link to the current version as well as a WinMOO FAQ can be found at

The FAQ also includes directions to winmoo-l, the mailing list for 
discussion of WinMOO.

> 2)  Has a version of FUP been worked out to match that?


> 3)  Does it take standard LambdaCore, or does it need a special one?
> 4)  Is it 1.7.* or 1.8.*?

WinMOO 0.1.0beta1 is based on LambdaMOO 1.8.0p2.  It should handle any 
database that that version of LambdaMOO will deal with.  The 
WinMOOChangeLog.txt file, distributed with WinMOO and also available from 
the FAQ, details miscellaneous current deficiencies with beta1.

WinMOO is currently in beta; I do *not* recommend using it in a prouction 

Before using WinMOO, you should also read the sections of the LambdaMOO 
ChangeLog.txt about 1.8.0p3 and p4, as those changes are significant and 
are *not* currently incorporated in WinMOO.

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