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Re: changing the value of player

> >39:      argstr = argstr;
> >40:      dobj = dobj;
> >41:      dobjstr = dobjstr;
> >42:      iobj = iobj;
> >43:      iobjstr = iobjstr;
> >44:      prepstr = prepstr;
> Out of curiosity, what is the purpose of these lines I just quoted?

I didn't program this.  The person who did, I believe, found after 
experimentation that he could change the value for 'player' perminantly 
if all the other server variables were first altered.  I'm not sure 
though, I'll have to ask him about it.

> The Programmer's manual says:
> ...the named verb on the given object is called; the various built-in
> variables have the following initial values in the called verb: 
> <<snip>
> player
> an object, the same value as it had initially in the calling verb or,
> if the calling verb is running with wizard permissions, the same as the
> current value in the calling verb.

Thanks, I just checked and this is the difference between the instances 
where 'player' was changed perminantly and where it wasn't.  It was 
subtle enough to totally confuse me, though.

Thanks! :-)



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