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Re: Learning MOO Programming

One thing I would suggest is, instead of going from programmer to wizard, 
create an intermediate step called, say, 'Sage'.  The sage has some 
wizard powers on the moo and in programming, but not all of them, and is 
handled entirely in-database.  Sages won't be able to override the #0:bf_ 
wrappers, won't be able to alter $server_options, etc, but will be able 
to do some other things, that are more than a simple programmer can do.  You 
could even give them permissions on builtin functions by rewriting the 
#0:bf_ wrappers, if you so wanted.  Why is this a good idea?

1) No need to make the requirements to get a wiz bit readable by newbie 
programmers, since by the time they get a sage bit and are ready to shoot 
for the full wizard bit, they will already have advanced programmer skills.

2) It's a very far jump from a programmer to a wizard.

3) It'd let you have more control over what graduates from the programmer 
level can do

4) Cuz it's MY idea, goddammit! :-)

This idea could be extended, and you could make as many levels as you 
want, as long as each level progressively gets more abilities and more 
responsilities to go along with them.  You could, say, have the levels 
"Builder" (simple building, describing, digging, messaging, etc), 
"Programmer" (simple programming, creating simple emotes and features, 
and then some more complicated VR elements), "Core Hacker" (programming 
more central elements to the VR, like player classes, hacking with other 
core features), "Sage" (perhaps the most difficult programming level, 
with even more low level design), and then "Wizard" (a more 
maintainance-driven level than programming-driven level).

Keep in mind that programming can actually be a fairly minor part of 
wizardhood, although an understanding of it is obviously a must.  If your 
MOO is to prepare people for wizard status, than you might want to touch 
up on other issues facing wizards than simply the ability to whip up a 
cool gif2ascii converter in MOO-code in T-minus 12 minutes.


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