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Re: Learning MOO Programming

I think the newbie MOO is a good idea... but wasn't someone like Seth
running one of theese?  You know, on MUDs, there is a similar setup, where
people would start out actually playing the mud... Learning all about
fighting and spells and all that...  They normally gain 30 levels like this,
each time getting more spells or abilities, through which they can create
and destroy things.  By level 31, they can truly create and customize
objects like Builders.  At level 32, they can make rooms and have
teleportation abilities.  At level 33, they can build rooms and have a few
observational/administrative commands, and are often called upon to solve
player disputes.  Last, level 34 is Implementor... (ArchWizard).

Since SO many muds use this system (some go from 1 to 54), I guess it works
out OK...  But since lambdacore is based on commands, not spells, I'm not
sure how well this will work on a MOO.  Paradigm doesn't work exactly like
this... Wizards can be a level 1 and normal players can be a level 101.  At
level 101, they have a huge amount of abilities and spells which equals
those of a lambda builder.  It is at that time that a wizard decides to prog
them or not.  The system puts Programmer on a much higher level than
Lambda's, and I have found that the shift from Programmer to Wizard is
rather minor.

- Kipp
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