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Re: pulling mussels from a shell

On Fri, 3 May 1996, Seth I. Rich wrote:

> Ok, they're unsupported, but.  Are the old versions of LambdaMOO
> available anywhere?  I'd want to walk through the ChangeLog and find and
> read the changes and try to learn the guts of this beast I call home.
> Seth

	How old you want to have, I don't know.  But I do have the following 
servers: 1.7.8p4, 1.7.9a1, 1.7.9p2, and then the whole 1.8 series (1.8.0, 
1.8.0p2, 1.8.0p3 and 1.8.0p4).
	All of these are relatively new, so I don't know whether you'd want 
them or not.  Let me know.

	Junkie's 'R' Us

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