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Re: Learning MOO Programming

On 3 May 1996, Jefferson M. Dubrule wrote:

> On SchoolnetMOO, there are two intermediate levels between programmer and
> wizard, teacher and guardian.  A teacher has the power to control students,
> @listen to their conversations, boot, and @newt them at will, and a few other
> nifty things.  A guardian is basically a teacher who has every player on the
> MOO as a student.  This moves the "administrative" tasks of keeping players
> under control to the guardians, and frees the wizards up for programming and
> keeping the MOO from falling apart :)
> -manta

This is similar to what I had in mind for the wizards.  There would be 
certain levels of wizarship.  For example, graduate wizards and 
administrative wizards.  The graduate wizards may elect to use their 
wizard bit to practice their programming skills, build, fix bugs, etc.  The 
administrative wizards would review the builders and programmers' work 
and `graduate' them to the next level.  Certain graduate wizards may be 
given the authority to do administrative tasks if they show interest in it.

Adam Summers

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