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For the last few weeks I have been promising to release version 2.2 of my
ANSI system, but every time I'd try to work on it I'd find myself thinking
"I really don't like the way that works, maybe I should redo it."  So, I've
decided that I finally will.  I'm going to redo the entire system and design
it the way I should have in the first place, so it's easy to install and
integrates itself in the core instead of requiring a lot of core hacks to
make it work properly.  So, for those of you waiting for 2.2, don't :)
Hopefully I'll have the new system done by June, but I'm not making any

I have created a mailing list for discussing the new ANSI system (which I
will be calling ANSI+), and where I will be posting announcements about it
and asking for suggestions and ideas.  To subscribe, send mail to with the text:
  SUBSCRIBE ansi-list
in the BODY of the message.  And any mail to it should be sent to  (Unfortunately, is on a
PPP line so it's usually only up between 7 and 10 PM CST.)

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