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Page Traceback (Dec95 db)

I got a complaint on a MOO from a guest about a traceback.  So I logged in as a 
guest to see...

page skip buh
#90:player_to_refusal_origin (this == #94), line 4:  Verb not found
.. called from #90:refuses_action (this == #94), line 3
.. called from #90:receive_page (this == #94), line 2
.. called from #171:receive_page (this == #94), line 8
.. called from #6:page (this == #149), line 27
.. called from #332:page (this == #149), line 18
(End of traceback)

I looked in the code, and the verb was called when the pager was a guest.  The 
missing code is...

  return who:connection_name_hash("xx");

I found the verb on an older db on another MOO...

@verb $guest:"connection_name_hash" this none this rxd
@prog $guest:connection_name_hash
"Compute an encrypted hash of the guest's (last) connection, using 'crypt'. 
Basically, you can't tell where the guest came from, but it is unlikely that two
guests will have the same hash";
"You can use guest:connection_name_hash(seed) as a string to identify whether 
two guests are from the same place.";
xx = $wiz_utils:connection_hash(caller_perms(), 
$string_utils:connection_hostname(this.last_connect_place), @args);
hash = tonum(caller_perms());
host = $string_utils:connection_hostname(this.last_connect_place);
for i in [1..length(host)]
  hash = hash * 14 + index($string_utils.ascii, host[i]);
return crypt(tostr(hash), @args);

That seemed to fix it.  Has anyone run into this before?

 - Charles 'Hackberry' Willgren
 (Forest: 8888)
 (Digital Wasteland: 8888)
 (Island: 8888)

                  "Login to your MOO as a guest once in a
               while, you will probably find some weird things."

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