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Re: Problem...

	Very simple;
	Start up the MOO manually, using the following incantation:

'moo <FOO.db> <FOO.db> -e <port>' (May be wrong on the order, but it's close)

	Then, simply set #2's password to whatever encrypted value you want...
'#2.password = crypt("foo")', or, delete the password, and allow free 
login (until you can get in), by '#2.password = 0'.

	I'm not sure of the command to leave emergency mode, but it's 
shown on entry to the mode.  Good Luck, Erik.

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On Wed, 8 May 1996, Erik Smith wrote:

> OK; what do you do if you forgot #2's password? :) I feel totally stupid,
> and something is DEfINETLY wrong...
> I have heard of some sort of Emergancy Wizard Mode...


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