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Re: Upgrading LambdaCore to 1.8.0

At 08:12 AM 5/9/96 PDT, Guilherme Ramos wrote:
>Brack ( suggests:
>@egrepcore verb_%(info%|args%|code%)([^),]+, tostr(
>*get rid of the tostr()s around any such variables found.*
>Then I suppose this line (i.e.,):
>#124:do_breakdown [Adamastor (#2)]: vname = verb_info(dobj, tostr(x))[3];
>Should turn into:
>#124:do_breakdown [Adamastor (#2)]: vname = verb_info(dobj)[3];
>Anybody think is it secure?

just get rid of the tostr().. so it should be
vname = verb_info(dobj, x)[3]

also make sure x is starting at 1 instead of at 0.

it should be more secure referring to a verb as a number in case someone has
a verb named "0","1" etc on an object.

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