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Re: PID file patch for LambdaMOO-1.8.0p4

In message <4mrovi$> , you wrote:
> A very small patch for LambdaMOO-1.8.0p4 which enables writing a file
> containing the process ID of the LambdaMOO process.  The process ID is
> needed to send signals, e.g.

An even smaller patch.  Find your restart script (either the sh or csh
one, it doesn't matter).  Go to the line that invokes `moo':

	nohup ./moo $1.db $ $2 >>& $1.log &

and add another line:

	echo $! > $

Whenever you put something in the background with `&', the shell saves
the pid of the command and you can access it with `$!'.



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