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Re: connection_options() inconsistency

At 09:22 PM 5/9/96 -0500, phantom wrote:
>[just freshly connected to my character]
>=> {{"binary", 0}, {"flush-command", ".flush"}, {"hold-input", 0},
>{"client-echo", 0}}
>;set_connection_option(player, "client-echo", 0)
>=> 0
>I don't understand that.
> [snip]
>Shouldn't the client-echo connection option be 1 by default?

No, read the changelog (1.7.9alpha1) and the latest manual...

"client-echo" -- (NP_TCP configurations only) sends the Telnet protocol
     WON'T ECHO or WILL ECHO commands (depending on whether VALUE is
     true or false, respectively)...

So 1 means WON'T ECHO and 0 means WILL ECHO
David Morris
Green Mountain, Iowa
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