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Re: Not understanding eval traceback (Seconded)

I get the exact same thing. Tried the suggestion offered here, 
>> Try setting it to "me=player;here=player.location" and see if that's
and it still happens. It is something to do with the  db  because 
it happens with the simplest of commands. 

In case your dubious, here is the entire train of events:
Entered the following:
  @verb me:r6 this none this
  @edit me:r6
  "return 6;
  eval caller:r6()

Got back:
  wizard>> eval caller:r6()
  #-1:Input to EVAL, line 1:  Verb not found
  ... called from built-in function eval()
  ... called from #57:eval_cmd_string (this == #2), line 18
  ... called from #57:eval*-d (this == #2), line 10
  (End of traceback)

I am doing this as Wizard (#2).

This has been tested on several other Moos and works fine. The 
only difference is that i am using WinMoo which uses 1.8.0p2 of the 
lambdaMOO server. I upgraded the db (from the latest at, 
which improved lots of things but still not quite enough.

The only thing wrong with the upgrade i ran is that it didn't supply 
the code for
it repeated
which doesn't help.

Any fixes would be greatly appreciated.

--Geoffrey King--Software Engineer--Ice T Multimedia--


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