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Re: @create

> Is there a db patch that will fix @create to make it work on a 1.8.0p4
> moo?  I tried to look on one 1.8.0p4 moo that I know of, but it won't let
> you read very many verbs.  And I can't look at lambda (it isn't 1.8.0p4
> anyway is it?) since I don't have an accout.

The only problem I'm aware of using the dec '95 core and 1.8.0p4 server
is when using $byte_quota_utils, there's a recursive call in the code.
In $byte_quota_utils:bi_create, line 3 says:

  if (!who.wizard)

change that into

  if (!who.wizard && $recycler.contents)

as Lambda has it.

Hope it helps.

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