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Re: @create

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On Mon, 13 May 1996, Richard Connamacher wrote:
> At 7:12 PM 5/12/96, Chris Jones wrote:
> what it's designed for.  Also, I don't think that create() is a good place
> to put this code, because you need to be able to access raw create() for
> things like player creation, to insure that all new players get a never
> before used number (or Very Bad Things Will Happn.)

	Actually, I'd have to disagree.  Since I've implemented this, 
we've had about 5 to 10 new players.  All with unused object numbers, 
even when there were recycled objects.

> In other words, the code you posted fixes no real problems and only opens
> up security holes and other related troubles.

	I can't disagree there.  (I probably should have pointed out that 
this is only meant as a temporary work-around.) 


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