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"generic" rooms

I am a education doctoral student at the University of Oregon.

I have just gotten a Linux box up and running to host a
MOO.  This summer's Oregon Writing Conference will be using it for a
variety of writing projects.

I have a background in C programming, and am planning to write a variety
of objects to facilitate synchronous writing and other collaborative
writing projects.

Now that I have started building, I have discovered that many of the
properties and verbs associated with the "generic" rooms on other MOOs
were not present on the LambdaCored's "generic room".

I have so much to program; I was hoping to be able to do the building of
rooms fairly quickly so I could turn to making the writing objects.  Can
anyone help me with
any code for rooms with easy "detail" functions that make the
creation of details and furniture easier.  Or does anyone know of the
availability and ethics of getting the code from other MOOs.


 ^% ^
 ^%%^ Peter Tromba
^%#%%#^^ University of Oregon
  #  #
(541) 346-2696

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