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CPU Useage Increase

I'm posting this to MOO cows to see if this is a problem that any of 
the MOOs running the new 1.8.0 server have experienced a similar situation.

Up to 1.8.0p2 RiverMOO's CPU useage was fairly stable.  However, after 
moving to p3, p4 and now p5 its CPU useage has increased roughly 25%.

We do have a few server mods (FUP, the ascii patch ..) but these were 
present from 1.7.8p4 through 1.8.0p5 and we still didn't see this 
increase until 1.8.0p3 and later versions.

Has anyone else experienced this type of situation?  Pavel, any ideas?

(note: river is currently running on a Sparc20)

Christopher Delaney
aka: Barrett/Archwizard@RiverMOO


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