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Re: How to: Enumerating Room Exits

Well you could always have a wiz own the verb that does the check on the
exits. Even though, you might own the 'mouse' a wizard can chown the single
verb to him, and then the 'mouse' should work. 
If I'm wrong... don't sue me :) 
On May 18, 1996 03:42:01, '"Geoffrey King" <>'
>Hi folks, 
>Here is my problem: 
>I am creating an autonomous object (a mouse). It needs to be able to  
>randomly choose from one of the available exits in the room and go  
>through it. 
>Well thats dead easy as a Wizard just use this.location.exits.  
>Unfortunately normal plebs don't get read permissiion on those exits,  
>for obvious enough reasons.  
>So, how do i enumerate the available exits ? 
>My only though is to write a $utility that : 
>	o runs at wizard level and  
>	o does some sort of security/permission checking on the candidate 
>	o returns a list of available exits. 
>Sounds useful to me, anyone written the code? 
>Thanks for suggestions (or code :). 
>--Geoffrey King--Software Engineer--Ice T Multimedia-- 

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