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Re: listening objects

IÍve got a very confusing (to me) trouble:
On server  1.8.0p2 
I did:
@make-player Marion
And got a trouble with creating it (didnt remember)
@toad marion
@recycle marion
and make again
... hey!, you dont mind to be Cindy O:), right?

@make-player Cindy is the registered address 
of the following characters:
<recycled> (#743) []
-There has already been a character with that or a similar 
email address.
Create character anyway?  [Enter `yes' or `no']
Character not created.
...Hmm, I didnt type yes...

No way to use this mail address again?
Its not the end:
when you @show registration database it has a prop named :
Yes, I mean that : is the name of the prop.
Or perhaps its null...

    data: 4
     : {"", "umcidabpewtlrgnjs", {"", 
"", "", 
"", ""}, {{{#774, ""}}, {{#743, 
""}}, {{#628, ""}}, {{#299, ""}}, {{#746, ""}}}}

should I delete this? How? I cant use:
@rmprop #16.:

It is a big trouble, I have no idea how to solve it...



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