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Re: MOO-Cows Digest V1 #476 -Reply

> I was wondering if it was possible to
>change the way internal moo-mail lists allocated quota for the
>messages they contain. I was thinking of switching the
>burden of the quota for any given message off of the owner of
>the mail list, and onto the writer of the message.
>Would it be possible, and if so, how tricky would it be to
>make this alteration?

MMMM..... just one thing you might want to consider:    

There are sticky quota issues with this.  If the writer's quota were taken, and 
they wanted to trim down....   you'd have to make it so player's could remove 
items from lists.   ---I think you might be biting yourself in the butt by 
creating this... unless you don't want anyone to post to lists at all.  (anyone 
who likes to build and program will keep their quota for that purpose).


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