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Re: 1.8.0p4 error

James O'Kane writes:
> i got this error from 1.8.0p4 and i tried -e but that wouldn't load and
> i don't know what else i can do..i was trying to upgrade to p5 but that
> wouldn't start for a different reason so i was going back to this..
> is there a way to see what this verb was and fix it?
> May 20 13:30:17: LOADING: Reading 2499 MOO verb programs...
> May 20 13:30:37: *** PARSER: Error in #246:contents:
> May 20 13:30:37: ***            Line 5:  parse error
> May 20 13:30:37: *** READ_DB_FILE: Unparsable program #246:9.
> May 20 13:30:37: *** DB_LOAD: Cannot load database!

You should push through the upgrade to p5 and try with that.  This looks like
one of the parsing compatibility bugs that I fixed in that release.

To see what's happening, you can use `more' to page through the database,
searching for the string `#246:9'.  That string will appear on a line by itself
just before the code for the verb in question, which will end with a period on
a line by itself.  Line 5 of that code is causing the problem.

If you do get p5 working (why won't it?) and it doesn't fix this problem, then
please send me the code for the verb in question so that I can work out what's


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