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Re: A good set of generic questions...

At 01:36 PM 5/20/96 -0400, you wrote:
>I guess my point is, Matt; MOOs don't *need* grphics.  Perhaps another 
>form, like other VRMLs, but MOO doesn't need to be tarted up with 
>graphics and sounds.  
>You can put wings on a car, set on the runway, drive it real fast, but 
>you can't make it fly.

  Now here I disagree a bit. I guess it depends on what each individual MOO
is looking for.  I Use pueblo to put some flair in the MOO,true, and an
important point is that if you use straight telnet, you don't miss any
needed information for using my MOO, But you are missing a few other fine
points that a system like this could be usefull for.  For instance, I am
running an RPG moo, and with pueblo, my users get a separate window for
their inventory, that they can click on each item to use it at will. There
is another pop-up window for setting options, (mine, lambdas, etc), and mail
comes up in a separate window, so you can read it while be spammed.  You
also have the option of using a HTML form for an editor instead of the
regular editor objects within the moo, etc... Basically, yes I add graphics
and sound, and no they aren't completely neccessary, but they do add to the
experience. Second, the html support allows me to make a unique interface,
that is easily changeable, makes for easier use by newbies and veterans
alike, and doesn't require me to write some cludgy client :)
  Also, with a tool like this, I, for instance, was able to make an object
editor, where all the fields come up in a form, and you send back changes,
which are then set on the object. Makes it real easy to update, change,
etc.. new objects.  so I would just shrug off a graphical interface so
completely, it has really made my job easier in some respects.

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