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Re: connection_name() or whatever

Seth I. Rich writes:
> Ok.  I want connection_name() to give me IP addresses.  This could be
> because I don't want to deal with the overhead of the lookup tasks, or
> it could be for speed, or whatever.  Is there a way to do this?  Is
> this a difficult hack job in the server?

If you just want to avoid doing the lookups on incoming connections, it should
be pretty easy.  The code in question is in net_bsd_tcp.c, at the end of

    stream_printf(s, "%s, port %d",
		  lookup_name_from_addr(&address, timeout),
		  (int) ntohs(address.sin_port));
    *name = reset_stream(s);

Replace the call to lookup_name_from_addr() with a version of this code from
the bottom of lookup_name_from_addr() (in name_lookup.c):

	static char	decimal[20];
	unsigned32	a = ntohl(addr->sin_addr.s_addr);

	sprintf(decimal, "%u.%u.%u.%u",
		(unsigned) (a >> 24) & 0xff, (unsigned) (a >> 16) & 0xff,
		(unsigned) (a >> 8) & 0xff, (unsigned) a & 0xff);
	return decimal;



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