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Function not executing.

In my $builder:@dig verb I have the following lines.
22:   other_room = player:_create(room_kind);
 23:   if (typeof(other_room) == ERR)
_24_     player:notify(tostr("Cannot create new room as a child of ", 
ils:nn(room_kind), ": ", other_room, ".  See `help @build-options' for 
on on how to specify the kind of room this command tries to create."));
^25^     return;
 26:   endif
 27:   player:tell("Setname incoming");
 28:   other_room:set_name(room);
 29:   if (typeof(e) == ERR)
 30:     return e;
 31:   endif
 32:   player:tell("Setname Complete");

As the first line of $room:set_name, i have this:
player:notify("I Got here!!!");

The dig exits successfully, but I never get the call to set_name!.  It 
just seems to skip it!  What could be going wrong?



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