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Re: FUP ate my db

>At 02:40 PM 5/25/96 PDT, wrote:
>>I'd just like to point out a `small' bug in FUP... if you try and fileread()
>>a directory, it just keeps reading, and reading, and reading, and locks the 
>>server up, and eventually runs out of memory and the server panics and dumps 
>yeah I know, it also locks up if you try to read/write a file with ; or : in
>it... you could make a wrapper in $bf_fileread() (and all the other ones
>too) to check for that.

I didn't know that one. I'll have to do some careful checks. I'm currently 
writing a whole set of wrappers (File Management Utility) to allow a 
(hopefully) safe API to FUP that can be allowed to general users. It appears I 
have some way to go.

...just did some checks. FUP appears to strip out : and ; most of the time. 
Sometimes I get Invalid Indirection (FUP says Error 0). What does this mean, 

(BTW, my db was fine once I searched through the scrollbacks. I *like* xterms.)

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