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The verb_editor with LambdaCore db??

I think other people already asked this question. But, I am new with 
So, I want to edit a verb with my MOO running with LambdaCore-1Oct94 ( it 
seems to be the same with LambdaCore-25Dec95).
For instance:
@edit #6:say
Give me this reply:
#59:verbname_match, line 2:  Type mismatch
... called from #59:find_verb_named, line 11
... called from #49:parse_invoke, line 24
... called from #50:invoke (this == #49), line 37
... called from #6:@edit (this == #2), line 6

and the verb: find_verb_named
#59:find_verb_named   this none this
 1:  ":find_verb_named(object,name[,n])";
 2:  "  returns the *number* of the first verb on object matching the 
given name.";
 3:  "  optional argument n, if given, starts the search with verb n,";
 4:  "  causing the first n verbs (0..n-1) to be ignored.";
 5:  "  -1 is returned if no verb is found.";
 6:  "  This routine does not find inherited verbs.";
 7:  object = args[1];
 8:  name = args[2];
 9:  for i in [{@args, 0}[3]..length(verbs(object)) - 1]
10:    verbinfo = verb_info(object, tostr(i));
11:    if (this:verbname_match(verbinfo[3], name))
12:      return i;
13:    endif
14:  endfor 

This verb seems to me strange. In line 10, i is an integer and tostr(i) 
can't be a verbname. So, I replaced line 10 with:
10:    verbinfo = verb_info(object, verbs(object)[i+1]);
with the same error.

Does anybody know a way to solve my problem?


Thomas LEVY (City University)


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