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Re: compile

Tom Statter writes:

>If there is a syntax error it tells me but if the verb is ok when I type
>>'compile' no
>message appears and if I then quit I'm told to either ABORTor COMPILE next
>time i use @edit ...using the 'what' command after 'comp' informs me I haven't
>compiled since the last change.

The problem with the docs is just that the last five or six lines
are missing off the compile verb.

If you go to an old version of the db (or a virgin core), locate that verb
code, and you'll see the part that's missing -- it's the very end of the
verb, with the parts about confirming the compile.

Add that to the code (I think you have to overwrite the final
'endif' with the missing stuff) and it works fine.

  - John Maxwell

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