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Re: madborg

Guilherme K. Ramos wrote:
> Anybody have experiences with madborg bot (
> Anybody knows where can I get some public domain bot (anyone)?

madborg is a quick-and-dirty hack of colin to get it to stay and
respond in a moo.  The bot needs a lot of rework, but the basic
"how to make work in a moo" is there.  madborg has the 
colin functionality so there no need to get colin or any of
his cousins.

Madborg will not roam and in fact has been severely crippled so
that he won't. If you want a navigating bot, you have to rework
the way that colin/madborg handles room.  Since no one has asked
me to work on the section, i've left it alone.


maddog's studio
Frank Crowell

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