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Re: register_function line

On Thu, 30 May 1996, Diana L Harris wrote:

> ****** Wouldn't I need a { here?
> >     dist += (start[i]-stop[i])*(start[i]-stop[i]);
> And } here?

No you don't :-) Because you only have one line after the if(), you can 
skip the 'block'. This has been part of C since K&R i think :)

> extensions.c: In function `bf_distance':
> extensions.c:190: structure has no member named `num' 
> extensions.c:210: warning: implicit declaration of function `newfloat' 
> extensions.c:211: incompatible type for argument 1 of `make_var_pack' 
> *** Error code 1
> Then it stopped...What's wrong with it? 

Well, like hpa said, this was off the top of his head. Which means it's 
in essence good code, and it'll work, but it might not be the 
fastest/most efficient way to do it, and the code was not checked against 
the rest of the MOO source (i.e. there might be conflicting function 
names, the most annoying C problem IMHO) You should check through the 
code, see what's wrong, change it, recompile, record the errors, see 
whats wrong, change it, etc etc etc :-)

> ALSO: When I compiled another MOO, the version of GCC didn't support the '-g'
> option. I got hundreds of warnings - I mean lots of 'em. It still 
> compiled and is running fine so far, but will this have any effect on the 
> moo's operation or anything else? Is there a way around it (besides getting
> a new version of GCC, of which I have no control over)?

Just remove the '-g' flag from the Makefiles (I'm not sure where it 
should be removed, but as long as it says 'CCFLAGS' or something in the 
same line, it should work... the -g flag means 'produce debugging info' 
and not all versions (i think it depends on the host-type, not sure 
though) don'tt have it. Unfortunately, it does spam you with a warning, 
everytime you (or the Makefile) executes GCC...


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