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MOO-Cows FAQ: Jun 07 1996

The MOO-Cows Frequently Asked Questions list has the answers to many
commonly asked MOO questions including:

  * What are the minimum requirements for running a MOO?
  * I want to start my own MOO. Where do I get the source?
  * What kind of security risk is running a MOO server?
  * Is disk based MOO going to be part of the next release?
  * How can I make my MOO serve WWW pages?
  * Why won't my MOO send email with new character's passwords?
  * Why does MOO compilation fail on Linux with an 
    ``undefined reference to sqrt''?

It also has pointers to potentially useful resources such as:
  * Where to find UNIX help.
  * Some other sources of MOO information
  * How to upgrade LambdaCore to work under 1.8.0
  * The MOO-calves mailing list, a mailing list for new wizards
  * MOO server patch archives
  * MUD clients 
  * Some non-UNIX MOO server ports

You can find the MOO-Cows FAQ 
  in HTML at
  in flat text, DVI, and postscript in the directory

This document is mailed out monthly.

Ken Fox
Maintainer of the MOO-Cows FAQ
Please address comments and questions to

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