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RE: Adding Prep

The last reply bring me another question:
 Are the change that Thomas suggests me to done (and I thanks him
a lot about it) change something in the way that the server save the
database or (as I hope it was) that's it only a reference to the prep
that is save?
 That the LambdaCore db will continue to work or I have
to make another db core from minimal.db (or may be a entirely new
minimal.db ... :o FRIGHTENING!)?

From:  Graeme Smith[]
Sent:  June 7, 1996 11:44 AM
To:  Thomas Wouters
Cc:  Ninoles, Fabien: DGSE; 'MOO Cows'
Subject:  Re: Adding Preposition

Since Software can always be RECODED, the opportunity exists to rethink   
nature of the compiler, and make it a little more flexible. But then,   
might be considered a different server, as it wouldn't be supported by
PAVEL and Freinds.



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On Fri, 7 Jun 1996, Thomas Wouters wrote:

> On Fri, 7 Jun 1996 wrote:
> > They're someone who knows how to adding some preposition to the
> > one recongize by the server. It's mostly adding alias of it then
> > completely new ones. The purpose it's to make the server able
> > to understand other language (like French) without having to
> > parse all the argstr...
> > Because I'm not sure of my english, I let you an example:
> > I make an alias of @describe as @decris (french translation of
> > describe verb). I would like that the command
> > @decris moi comme ....
> > will be interpreted exactly in the same way as
> > @describe me as ....
> > As you can see, some 'variables' (as me/moi) have to translated
> > too if possible... (don't know if me is a variable or not).
> They are stored in 'db_verbs.c' (Don't ask me why it's not a option in
> config.h) -- you have to alter them there. You can just append your   
> for the prep, like this:
>   "as",
> would become:
>   "as/comment",
> You can use spaces in the prep names, but i'm not sure about other   
> (like ' or `) -- one character you wont be able to put in a prep in any   

> case, is a / ;-)
> Hope this helps,
> Thomas.
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