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Re: Player Names

At 09:12 AM 6/8/96 PDT, Jefferson M. Dubrule wrote:
>--- Muddy Waters wrote:
>I remember a few years back that it WAS definately not a good thing to put
>spaces in player names.  Why was this again? and has this changed?
>--- end of quoted material ---
>"connect /<00l d00d <password>"
>It is hard to parse that to decide where the name ends and the password begins.

wouldn't the last word be the password? I know it does have problems otherwise.

>Also, players could set their second name to a preposition and annoy everyone.

yeah, I think it was in one of the faqs.. where Rog said if he changed his
name to "Rog and yduJ" people would see that in the room descriptions, and
other stuff.

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