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Re: connected_seconds() fails for not-yet-connected folks

On Mon, 10 Jun 1996, Seth I. Rich wrote:

> I'm using an unmodified LambdaMOO-1.8.0p5, and I'm examining a not-yet-
> connected fellow, say #-20, who shows up in `connected_players(1)' and
> whose idle time I may see with `idle_seconds(#-20)', but I get E_INVARG
> when I try to view `connected_seconds(#-20)'.  This isn't right, right?
I noticed this a while ago but I assumed it was just because
connected_seconds() starts counting when the player connects (ie when
$do_login_command returns the player) and not when their connection is
established.  idle_seconds() still works because that starts counting when
the person types a command (or when $do_login_command is called initially)...
This is the same reason that @who sometimes reports people idle longer than
they are connected (because of lag between their last command, connect
<whatever>, and when they are technically 'connected'.


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