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RE: Local editing with TF

>  If I recall correctly, it wasn't too long ago that someone posted
>  to this list how to enable local editing with TinyFugue. I'd be
> very pleased if someone could send that message to me or tell me
> how to go about it. (I'm running a dec '95 LambdaCore).

You can find this information in the moo-calves home page
but it's short and I copy it here:


>On Fri, 12 Apr 1996, Wes Cooper wrote:

>> SNIP <

>> Although tinyfugue loads .tfexport without problem, I get no joy when   
>> follow the Web page instruction to type "ex" after entering the moo   
>> with @edit. The editor doesn't understand. Does anyone out there have   
>> thought about what I should do? My server is a Next running Unix.

> That is for an OLD version of TF, the way I do it is:

> /log on @list obj:verb /log off

> edit the file with pico adding @program obj:verb to the top and . at   
the bottom > then once back in TF do

> /quote '<file name> it will automatically do all the work for ya, hope   
>helps :)

> Other tips

> start pico with 'pico -w' to fix line-wrapping problems
> do a '@edit-opt +local'


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