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JHCore to 1.8.0 script

This script will upgrade an existing JHCore to 1.8.0.  It makes only
the necessary changes mentioned in the Changelog.

Start the MOO in emergency mode 
  moo -e moo.db moo.180-ready.db
then do this:

  ;;set_verb_code(#0, "user_disconnected", {"if(user < #0) return; endif", @verb_code(#0, "user_disconnected")});
  ;;add_property(#0, "server_options", create(#1, $core_wizard), {$core_wizard, "r"});
  ;;$ = "server options";
  ;;add_property($server_options, "support_numeric_verbname_strings", 1, {$core_wizard, "r"});
  program #18:connection_hostname_bsd
  s = args[1];
  m = match(s, "^.* %(from%|to%) %([^, ]+%)");
  return m ? substitute("%2", m) | "";

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