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Re: "Help" in LamdaCore

On Mon, 10 Jun 1996, Juliean Galak wrote:

> I am quite new to the admin side of MOOing, but I recently set up a MOO,
> mostly to play with.  I am running LambdaMOO 1.8.0p5 and the whichever
> version of LambdaCore was current as of two weeks ago.  My problem is that
> some of hte help topics are missing.  For examle the entire "building"
> hierarchy is missing.  What's going on?  is this something I'm doing or is
> it a bug in the core?  Can this be fixed short of putting in a new version
> of the core? (that is not desirable since we have created many objects on it)
> Thanx..

I had the same problem.  Somehow it isn't 'installed' so to speak, but 
the help database is included in my LambdaCore.
Try finding the children of generic help:
@kids $generic_help
Generic Help Database(#30) has 8 kids.
Help Database(#59)   Editor Help(#43)   Builtin Function Help(#28)   Wizard
 Help(#23)   Programmer Help(#22)   Core Utility Help(#19)   Builder Help
 DB(#85)   Mail Commands Help Db(#86)

This shows you the object number of Builder Help.  Then you find what 
.help is set for generic builder:
@parents me
Wizard(#2)   generic wizard(#56)   generic programmer(#57)   generic
 builder(#4)   Frand's player class(#90)   Generic Mail Receiving Player(#91) 
  generic player(#6)   Root Class(#1)
Owner:        Galaxia (#2)
Permissions:  rc
Value:        0

It should be set to Builder help:
; = #85
=> #85  (Builder Help DB)

Then it should work!  You should also check to see if you are getting all 
of the Mail help.  I had to set to #86 to get it to work.

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