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upgrading make-database-core to 1.8.0

I finished of upgrading my db (based on the LambdaCore.25dec95.db) and
I try to make a new core from it. A first easy error raise that's I 
correct like that:

the line 89 of #56:make-database-core, change verb_info(0, vname) by 
verb_info(0, j);
(don't delete the vname=tostr(j) of the precedent line!)

Then, I don't know what happens, but they're another error who raise:
#1:init_for_core (this == #0), line 5:  Invalid argument
... called from #0:init_for_core, line 2
... called from #56:mcd_2 (this == #2), line 63
... called from #56:make-core-database (this == #2), line 137
(End of traceback)

And ther's a listing concerning this lines:

  1: if (caller_perms().wizard)
  2:   vnum = 0;
  3:   while (vnum <= (length(verbs(this)) - 1))
  4:     $command_utils:suspend_if_needed(0);
  5:     info = verb_info(this, vnum)[3];
  6:     if (index(info, "(old)"))
  7:       delete_verb(this, tostr(vnum));
  8:     else
  9:       vnum = vnum + 1;
 10:     endif

That really look ok for me. This line was change as requested by the WWW 
pages concerning the upgrade of the db.... Someone can help?
Thanks in advanced.

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