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Ok, I find the bug on the #1:init_for_core;
It just uses the old 0-based indexed verbs schemes (Sorry I'm a just a 
new wiz in MOO and I have some difficulties to find this bugs).

To fix it, I just change in line 2: 'vnum = 0' to 'vnum = 1';
and put out (in line 3) the '- 1' of length(verbs);

They're some other bugs in $seq_utils:tostr(); A type mismatch at line 12.
I think is because 'seq[i] - 1' where seq[i] return #-1; I don't know 
about that because (if I well understand the code) ;(seq = args[1]) is 
true and if seq[1] exist and is *not* equal to $minint.
The value of i is the result of for i in '[2..length(seq)]' and the only 
thing I know about seq is it's a list of any numbers of integers...

That's everything I found about this other 'bug'... 
Thanks to help me...

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