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Re: is anyone aware of mud-related classes being taught at universities?

>>>>> "kc" == k claffy <> writes:

    kc> [slightly meta-moo question, but need your takes, so ]

    kc> does anyone know of classes about mud-related stuff [i guess
    kc> they could call it distributed systems or client/server goo
    kc> and it would count, but you know what i mean.  i'm looking for
    kc> classes out there about at least mud/moo-*like* somethings]

    kc> i.e., in topics like . both increased underlying
    kc> sophistication/scalability in architecture/s/w design,
    kc> . taxonomy of tools (clients and servers)
    kc> . comparisons/categorizations of functionality types,
    kc> . general architectural principles, . integration of
    kc> distributions servers, inter-mud commo, multicast, etc

    kc> interested in both what classes you've managed to hear about,
    kc> and if they have any materials about them online i could point
    kc> to --

    kc> related question: if someone wants to study the area in
    kc> graduate school, where should i advise him to shop for
    kc> programs that would be helpful if not at least conducive to
    kc> such a thing

    kc> tnx k

I would look first at the material on the net and in the journals on
DIS -- distributed interactive simulation.  This is the stuff large
scale simulators, especially combat simulators, are made of.  I have
worked on such a system for military combat flight simulation.  The
Army is very active in this field both for real-time simulations, and
also for "what if" scenarios -- to let tactical comanders explore the
different ways a given situation could be attacked.

While there is a DIS standard protocol, you do not need to stick to
this, as it is somewhat of a committee designed mess :-( but it will
give you some ideas and food for thought on how to design a similar
architecture for a different purpose.

You might start with the following sites:

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