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Built in varaibles during verb execution

Variables such as dobj, iobj, dobjstr, and iobjstr are all set before
executing a -x verb from the command line.

I desire to get additional information to such a -x verb, which means the
huh code cannot be used and for data integrity and execution speed I am 
against trying to store the data into properties and then let every
executing verb that needs the information to try and figure out where the
data is stored and to retrive it and to then release the data when finished.

The easist solution is to bite the benifit of letting this work with -x verbs
and to use the :huh verbs.

But the solution that would be best, and I am posting for ideas requires
a change to the sever itself. I would like to either put the information into
dobj and iobj from #0:do_command, which would mean overriding the default 
value iobj/dobj take when the matches fail after calling #0:do_command in the
DB. Or to add two new standard variables which could be set from 
#0:do_command and would remain when the currect -x verb is executed.
The problem is that I don't know how to add such a property, does anybody 
know how to or could Pavel tell me that its not worth attempting for varies
server complexity reasons.



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