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DB Crash

I am writing this as a note to all of the wizards who monitor this list.  
On Friday, June 28th RiverMOO crashed in a panic.  After checking the 
logs we found out it was because of lack of available memory.  Upon 
checking the server log further, we traced the source to a character 
named Rainer.  We were logging evals while we were trying to find the 
source of our lag some time ago and had continued to do so.  What we 
found was an obvious attempt to crash the moo (which involved several for 
and while statements that intentionally bloated a property on the player).

I am sending his character name and email address to this list so that 
others can keep an eye out for him.  In all honesty, I'd like to see him 
lose his player char everywhere, but that's just me :)

Char: Rainer (at river anyway)
Email Address:


Christopher Delaney
aka: Barrett && ArchWizard @ RiverMOO

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