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1.8.0 core is here!!

It is hard to write an :init_for_core verb which will work flawlessly
on another MOO.  By their very nature, they are removing lambdamoo
specific things, which will not exist on another MOO.  It's a pain to
write a verb which will remove a property without referencing that
property in the verb.  (It's possible, but it's hard.)  It is also
difficult to write a verb to remove selected portions of itself (e.g.
the reference to the errant property) once it has run.  (Again,
possible, but hard.)  We did not attempt these feats.  I'm sorry you
ran into problems, but I'm not really surprised.  Core generation is
not for the faint of heart.

That all said, we're happy to accept specific suggestions for changes
to the various :init_for_core verbs which will make the later core
generator's time easier without breaking them for the original.

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