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force_input() and $do_command()

On my MOO, I want to have the space consoles to possibly be operated by a
non-player character (NPC). The NPC would work by using force_input() to
execute the commands like any other player. I have, however, run into a
bit of a problem...

The in-db parsing for this is handled in $do_command(). I ran a few tests:
I ran a command by myself, it worked just fine. I connected as a test
character and evalled the force_input() line for the exact same command.
It worked just fine. Now, I logged out as that character and tried again:
No dice.

Does the server execute $do_command() on valid objects that aren't
connected? I'm not a C guru, so when I looked through tasks.c, I found no
reason as to why this was happening (although it is quite possible that I
missed something). I looked in the ChangeLog.txt file for any insight, and
found none.

I suppose this is more directed at Pavel than anyone else: Is this a bug,
planned behavior, or am I missing something or screwing something up? It
seems to be a bad server incosistency to me.



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