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Re: force_input() and $do_command()

At 01:57 PM 7/2/96 PDT, Joe Shaw wrote:
>The in-db parsing for this is handled in $do_command(). I ran a few tests:
>I ran a command by myself, it worked just fine. I connected as a test
>character and evalled the force_input() line for the exact same command.
>It worked just fine. Now, I logged out as that character and tried again:
>No dice.

At paradigm, where mobiles are very common, I wrote some code similar to the
lambda puppets'.  The code (rather slowly) runs $do_command(), then searches
for an appropraite verb, makes it +x, and runs it.  It would give MOO a
great boost if NPCs could run commands without all the laggy batch verbs.

- Kipp

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