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Re: -x and !x verbs

At 12:56 PM 04/07/96 PDT, you wrote:
>I am a newbie to MOOing. Therefore I have a very basic question that i
>can't figure out even after reading a bunch of MOO tutorials.
>How do you make a verb !x (can be called from command line only) and/or
>What does that mean that a verb is -x.  If you can point out to any
>sources that contain the information on -x verbs, I will appreciate it.

!x and -x are the same thing. They mean that a verb cannot be called from by
another verb.
So, if you had a verb like @join (example, not sure if it is -x or not) and
it was -x, a verb trying to run it in a way such as player:("@join")() would
get a verb not found I believe. Hope this helps.

-Erik Smith

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