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Re: hiding .location?

This is one of those cases, when I have to bite my tongue. But, anyways,
.location, is built in, (in other words, unlike most properties, there are
no parameters for it, its part of the MOO Server, rather than the Database.

So, I am not sure, just how easily you will be able to change its parameters
to make it less readable.

There is nothing saying however, that just because the MOO gives you a
property for free, that you have to use it. You could, for instance, go
to the places in the code that have .location in them, and change them
globally to .loc, and put a .loc property on your #1 object so that 
everything will inherit it. Then if you want to make an object unreadable
(location-wise) give it its own .loc property just like for everything else
where you want the owner to have access, or limit it to wizards.

An alternative in 1.8.0 + is to put a wrapper on the built-in function that
you use to read location, so that it refuses to report on any location that
has a no-loc property set to true.

Then you give #1 a no-loc property set to false, and replace it with a read-
Only-type property on the object you don't want reporting.

Alternatively store everything you don't want found in "nowhere"
and if you want it to respond as if it were somewhere else, get the site
to trigger it, by expanding the function of the notify group of objects.

One trick I pulled off, in order to have a similar object moving in different
directions from the same site, was to put it into my storage room, and link
to it from there. That way, I could have an elevator that seemed to be the
same and took up the same location, but worked differently depending on which
floor you came into it on.

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On Sat, 6 Jul 1996, Jacqueline Hamilton wrote:

> I'm wondering if there's any way (either in-db or in-server) I could hide 
> the .location property of a certain class of objects, but have it still 
> openly readable for all other objects.  I'm worried that making it a 
> wiz-readable prop moo-wide will break alot of code, and I really only 
> need to hide the location of certain things.  Is this feasible?  Or is it 
> an all-or-nothing affair?
> -Jackie Hamilton (


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