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Login Weirdness

Whenever I login to my MOO (try it, 8888), I only get the 
first line of the login screen. Nothing else happens. I can type in my 
name and password and I will get logged in, just nothing will appear to 
happen. All I see is the first line of the login screen. I can @boot 
myself, and I even added a new first line to the login screen. And I 
don't see anything but the first line staring at me. After I made the new 
first line and reconnected, all I could see was the new first line. I've 
tried to login from different accounts, and it was the same all the time. 
If its the server, I can't really do anything. The system admin is on a 
little vacation and I don't have access to the server. Does anyone know 
what is happening?

Charles Willgren

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