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Paradigm beta3

Finally, I have finished beta3 of Paradigm.  All of the apparent bugs
(except :buy and :give) have been patched up.  I expect beta4 to be the last
release, with all the spells and skills, etc. completed.

You can get the latest core by filling out a nifty little netscape form at, or ftping

If you FTP the file, I'd like you to send me a mail message with some info.
(ie. on the net?)

- Kipp

For this release:

Beta3 -----

- Added a .reroll command, which would assign random numbers
   to an enemy's stats.
- Fixed a few distribution problems, and nearly perfected the
   mechanism.  Instead of using a client to connect to many
   MOOs at once, you can simply walk between them.  To create
   an inter-moo exit, .connect to a dummy room normally,
   note the dummy room's number, and set the exit's @destination
   to <objnum>@<remotemoo>, then delete the dummy room.
   Note that BOTH moos need to have $distrib.enabled, be
   listening on the distrib port (look at #0:server_started),
   and must be re-connected to the MOO net once theese are set.
- The MOO net automatically reconnects to anything in
- Fixed a million little bugs having to do with wielding, wearing
   and getting:
     1) EQ and weapons that are too high a level to use are
         no longer lost in $nowhere.
     2) Wielding a weapon while another similar weapon is wielded
         won't cause the weapon to disappear to $nowhere.
     3) Money no longer has weight.  This might change later in
         this version.
     4) Bank withdraw error has been fixed.
     5) 'Get all' no longer announces that the player has
         'taken nothing'.
- Spells now take 1 'busy' point, which pauses a fight for a
   fight tick.
- XP is now calculated before the fight, so that the player gets
   the same experience, no matter what methods they used; raw,
   spells, skills, etc.
- The 'purge' command junks all non-unique objects in the same
   room as the wizard.
- Added the '!' command, which repeats the last command.
- Added cursed equipment.  Type .curse to curse an equipment.
   The EQ or weapon will be bonded when worn, and may only be
   removed by using the 'uncurse' spell.
- Fixed minor matching bugs that weren't really bugs but more
   like hidden features.  Here they all are:
    1) While 'corpse' refers to the first corpse found,
        '2.corpse' means the second, etc.
    2) Players may look at and cast spells at things in a
        player's inventory or EQ by using 'player's object'
    3) Wizards may do complex matches (which suspend) by using
        a carot.  '^enemy^ernie' will search the children of
        $enemy for something named 'ernie'.
- Added a new gender, by popular request 'moron'.
- Patched-up the group command so that groups may merge.
- Using 'group' alone will show the stats of the people in the
- Added the 'autoassist' toggle, where players in the group
   would assist someone else who is attacking.
- :attack no longer requires the two :attack calls, one from
   within a fork.  ATTACKER:attack(DEFENDER) will cause the
   defender to fight back when it notices it's being hit.
    (**changed later in this release)
- Tell now says 'X isn't here' when someone tries to 'tell' to
   a wizinvis person.  This way, mortals can't guess who's
   connected by using tell.
- Added Pueblo capability.  Almost all substituted values, such
   as '%n', are replaced with a Pueblo reference.
- #0:do_login_command now sends and recognises the Pueblo
   codes, and passes the .pueblo value to the connecting player
- Pueblo codes now wrap properly, and $player:_wordwrap()
   returns 0 if pueblo = 1.
- A new code, '[-]', is replaced with '[', so that people may
   teach others about how to use the color codes.  For example,
   '[-]G]' would look like [G], instead of the color.
- $enemy:my_sub will not prefix names if their amounts are set
   to 0.  ie: '%0t'
- Completely rewrote attack code, again, and changed the
   method.  $util:attack(a,b) handles ALL the attack sequences
   in a single task.  $enemy:attack() is now a single hit.
- There is now an eval prefix to attack messages, which adds
   color to attacks.  Red being bad, green being good.
- Skills now range from 0 to 30, instead of 0 to 5.
- Fixed misc Pueblo code errors.
- Wrapping now works with <a>xxx</a> codes, where 'xxx', which
   is a part of the pueblo code, isn't stripped, so length
   checks are accurate.
- Pueblo users may now click on things in the store list.
- Fixed bug with hidden exits.
- 'zones' now tells the number of rooms in a zone, and the
   number and name of the first room in the zone.
- If pueblo is on, $player:_ansi() is forced ON.
- Setting the .picture property of an object to point to a web
   page will display a picture when someone views the object.
- By setting .click_areas, a player may click in certain places
   on a picture, which then executes a command.  For example,
   when .click_areas is set to {{0,0,20,20,"smile"}}, the
   command "smile" will be run when someone clicks between 0,0
   and 20,20 on the picture.
- Added 'gagging' where a player may ignore text generated
   from another player.
- Added a 'nomagic' flag, which disabled magic for the room.
- Added last connect time to .age
- Added a .advance command.  This should be used for all
   enemies, instead of manually setting the stats.
   .advance <enemy> to <level>
- The amout of text (in bytes), and the number of deaths are now
   recorded in .total_bytes and .deaths.
- Shopkeepers have an 'unlimited' stock if the object in their
   stock is unique.
- Added help for all of the enemy, player, programmer and wizard
   commands.  (168 commands!)
- Added site banning.
- The '.commands' command tells all the commands a player can
   use.  Commands without a help text are highlighted green.
- .stats may now add flags, if the property being modified is a
   list, such as "flags", the value is added.
- Added a few more room flags.

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