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Re: MOO Client / Local Editing

Fiona McCrae wrote:
> Can anyone recommend a Win32 (or Win16) client that supports a separate
> input window ("Split Screen") and local editing?  I don't care about
> triggers or aliases or macros, but I would like to try local editing out.
> -Fi

Try out moo-code-mode for emacs. You can get emacs for NT/95 from
"". I am not sure where you can get a Win3.1
version, but I know they do exist.

As for the actual modes, you will need the files "mud.el" and "moo-code.el".
You should be able to find copies of these on gnu's emacs site under
contributions. If you can't seem to find them let me know and I will try and
figure out where I pulled mine from or else mail you copies of mine upon


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