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Re: New MOO Maintainer: Erik Ostrom

>I am more pleased than you can possibly imagine to be able to announce my
>successor as the official maintainer of the LambdaMOO server code:
>	Erik Ostrom <>

My sincerest wishes to Erik.  I concur that he's an excellent choice, both
experienced with the server and the way MOO works (and the ways it
-doesn't-) and (even more important, to my way of thinking) he's not the
sort to be swept into adding poorly-considered suggested into the server.
Good luck, sir.  I look forward to working with you.

> [snip]

>I always thought it would be easy and joyous to write this letter, but to my
>vast surprise, it's not that at all.  The LambdaMOO server has been a major
>part of my life for a long time now, and everything it's led to has profoundly
>and permanently changed that life.  Many of you have been an important part of
>that transformation and, for that, I am enormously grateful to you.  Thank you
>all very much for travelling this far along the MOO road with me; I hope the
>rest of the journey is as rewarding for you as the first part has been for me.

And I must thank -you-, Pavel.  You have been a true joy to work with over these
past few years.  You've influenced my life in varied and wonderful ways, and
I will be forever in your debt.

Whatever your paths take you, please keep in touch.

Seth / Blackbriar
Seth I. Rich -
                                 There is nothing more precious than
Rabbits on walls, no problem.    a tear of true repentance.

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